Welcome to Eudermia

With over 15 years of experience in non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment, advanced laser services, and skin care products. I invite you to discover Eudermia: advanced aesthetics care, face & body.

Eudermia offers a wide range of services designed to meet the specific needs of each individual person, men and women, whether it be corrective or preventive, in the highest level of service.

At Eudermia you will find advanced services to treat different skin conditions (anti-aging, larges pores, tasks, redness, scars, acne, permanent hair removal, etc…), natural skin care and non-invasive aesthetics procedures based on your specific needs, in a professional, caring and discreet atmosphere.

Eudermia is the balance of your skin.

You are welcome to visit Eudermia for a free consultation.

“Because healthy skin is beauty.”

Laura Magliano, medical esthetician


Professional experience

2000 – Cosmetology course. With Dr. Jorge Banfi. (http://www.cosmeticacientifica.net ). Argentine.

2001 – Medical aesthetics course. With Dr. Jorge Cazenave, dermatologist and Dr. Norma Bustos, chimiste.
Argentine.(www.centroestetica.com.ar) (www.vivianabustos.com.ar)

2003 – Aesthetics body care courses. With Dr. Jorge Banfi. Argentine. (http://www.cosmeticacientifica.net )

2007 – Medical aesthetics course, Europe Cosmétiques. Canada.

2008 – Cours d’épilation à l’électricité : haute fréquence, galvanique, blend.
École d’esthétique et d’électrolyse France Laure. Canada

2008 – Aesthetics laser technician, Cutera.Canada.cutera.com

2000 –  Rosacea, congestive conditions of the skin, cosmetology and medical approach, with Dr. Jorge F. Banfi. Argentine.

2006 – Upgrade aesthetic medical treatments, with Dr. Jorge Cazenave Dermatologist
and Dr. Norma Bustos, chemistry. Argentine.

2006 – Hospital internship training in aesathetics dermatology in the Department of Dermatology. Israeli Hospital Buenos Aires,
Argentine, with Dr. David Gaidamak Dermatologist, Dr. Adriana Piñeiro Dermatologist, Dr. Hernando Rubinsky Dermatologist,
Dr. Alberto Neiman Dermatologist, Dr. Armando Bradichansky, plastic surgeon.

2006 – Upgrade aesthetics equipment face and body, Buenos Aires, Argentine (www.meditea.com)

2007 – Upgrade in cellulite and fat localized treatment. With Dr. Jorge Cazenave Dermatologist and
Dr. Norma Bustos chemistry.

2007 – Aesthetics chemical peels. Pharmacie Once with Dre Maria Edit Posternak (www.farmaciaonce.com). Argentine.

2007 – Upgrade aesthetics equipment face and body, with Dr. Jorge Cazenave, Dermatologue and Dr. Norma Bustos,
chemistry. Argentine.

2007 – Active ingredients for body treatments Laboratoire MNK Recherches. Canada.

2007 – Prevention, hygiene and asepsis. Académie international Compétences Beauté. Canada.

2011 – Cosmetic surgery seminar with Dr Richard Moufarrège,
(www.plasticsurgery-canada.com) Canada.

2011 – First symposium of aesthetic medicine SCAME, with Dr. Gustavo Leibaschoff.
(President of IUL, International Union of Lipoplasty. President of ICAM-USA, International Consultants
in Aesthetic Medicine.) Costa Rica.